Things To Consider Before Planning A Commercial Kitchen

When it comes to a commercial kitchen, one has to consider many different things before actually planning or designing the layout of the kitchen. Now, a restaurant owner may not always be very skilled when it comes to the pre-planning stage, and there are many confusing yet essential decisions to make.

As customers, people love to eat at places with great food as well as a wonderful ambiance. Designing a proper layout based on any chosen theme for the restaurant can give you an excellent atmosphere, but remember, serving delicious food is the primary requirement here, and that will only happen if you have a perfect hold on everything that goes on in your kitchen! 

Since the kitchen is like the heart of a restaurant, it sets the tone for the entire establishment. So, here is a list of things that one must consider before planning a restaurant kitchen. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it! when planning Planning A Commercial Kitchen.

Role Of A Commercial Kitchen

Understanding that a commercial kitchen plays a different and vast role than a typical kitchen is the first and foremost step here. A large-scale restaurant may even serve hundreds or thousands of people in a day.

As a manager, one must process the gravity of this situation. There is minimal scope for mistakes; everything has to be perfect because, as a customer, the first impression will be the last impression.

A commercial kitchen should be planned considering all these things. It should be efficient, have a proper workflow, appropriate moving space for the personnel, and so on. 

Buying Kitchen Equipment As Per The Kitchen Size And Layout

Kitchen equipment can be of primary and secondary types. Basic requirements such as steel cabinets, stainless steel tables, and tops, and shelving units are a must. We at Creative Kitchens provide all these high-quality furnishings in a customized manner. Get in touch with us today!

It is essential that you plan and buy equipment that is appropriate compared to the size and space of the kitchen. If the equipment takes up more space and isn’t placed correctly, it takes up all the moving space for the personnel.

In such cases, the chances of spillage and breakage of utensils increase, and it may lead to injuries.

Controlling The Costs Required To Maintain A Commercial Kitchen

To increase the profits of the organization, it is a must to reduce and control costs wherever possible. One needs to do so without harming the quality of the food or the ambiance of the restaurant.

In a commercial kitchen, costs may be reduced by more use of machinery than personnel. Apart from that, reducing the costs of maintenance and repairs by using the equipment properly can also help. 

Controlling The Costs Required To Maintain A Commercial Kitchen

As a manager, one must lay down strict rules and guidelines relating to the cleanliness of the kitchen. Since food prepared in the kitchen is eaten by a lot of people, proper sanitation at regular intervals is essential.

Washing the utensils perfectly, cleaning the kitchen equipment like inductions and ovens, and keeping the floor of the kitchen clean are some of the basic needs.

The personnel working in the kitchen also need to be appropriately groomed and dressed. It should be mandatory to wear hair nets, aprons, shaving facial hair, etc. 

Hiring Kitchen And Cleaning Personnel

After the floor plan, layout and equipment are set up, the next thing you need to think about as a manager is the personnel.

Hiring efficient and skilled kitchen personnel is the primary objective. Apart from being able to make items belonging to different cuisines that taste amazing, they also need to be good at taking any particular suggestions coming from the customers.

Cleaning personnel is also required for organizing and maintaining the kitchen properly. Plan a daily and weekly cleaning schedule beforehand to ensure that the kitchen is clean at all times.

Making Sure That All The Kitchen Equipment Is Made Of Stainless Steel

It is essential that one purchases kitchen equipment and furnishings only made of stainless steel to avoid damage due to corrosion. Check out our website at for all our high-quality and long-lasting stainless steel furnishings, and get on a call with us so we can design customizable steel storage cabinets and kitchen fixtures for you.


Food cooked in such equipment is entirely safe for consumption, as it is an alloy and has no reaction with the food.

Plan An Effective Kitchen Workflow

There needs to be a proper workflow in the kitchen to run effectively. Are you confused? Workflow is the order in which all the tasks are done. There should be an adequate chronology from preparing the ingredients to serving the food to the customer.


All the people working in the kitchen should understand and follow this order so that they can work effectively and avoid loss as much as possible. 

Ensuring Food Safety And Food Quality

There have been many rising concerns regarding food safety in restaurants. The food served in your restaurant should abide by any official rules and regulations given by the official food safety organization.

Apart from being safe for consumption, the quality and taste of the food need to be excellent. It will keep your customers coming back for more. 

Organizing In Order To Increase The Efficiency Of The Kitchen

Lastly, properly organize the activities that will go on in your kitchen. One needs to train the staff before they start working in the kitchen. Assign the tasks according to the abilities and skills of the personnel. 


We hope that this list helps you get an idea of how to go about planning and designing an entire commercial kitchen. If you’re a restaurant owner or manager looking for world-class stainless steel kitchen furnishings we can help you with that at Creative Kitchens Qatar.

We design fully furnished stainless steel kitchen equipment for restaurants and hotels. Our products are entirely immune to corrosion and are safe and secure for food consumption. Contact us at +974 40371374, and we can have a chat!