New Commercial Kitchen Setup in Doha Qatar with Creative kitchen Qatar


A kitchen is an elegant place that demands complete aesthetic appeal. And it is a commercial kitchen set-up, the bar gets raised automatically. A commercial kitchen can be imagined as a fully equipped workspace with modernized cooking flames, chimney and racks that enunciate sophistication and grace. Mostly modular, their primary goal is to accumulate maximum in minimum space, in an organized fashion. While planning to set up a commercial kitchen, there are few essential steps to keep in mind which are as follows:

Our first step is requirement gathering and chalking out the specific needs of our clientele. A step-by-step mapping of the requirements is done to get an in-depth understanding. The consultation process goes hand in hand. While translating requirements to plans, feasibility is checked and accordingly discussed before finalizing them.

After gathering requirements, they are translated to floor plans for a clear visual depiction. Al the intricate details are included, and a holistic plan is created. The clientele can get a crystal-clear blueprint of their specific needs.

  1. Designing phase includes the designing of the entire structure as per the floor plan. An artistic approach is levied in assuring that the interior levy a highly professional and aesthetic appeal. Material and colour combinations are carefully rooted to ensure a surreal ambience.

A list of equipment required for the kitchen supply is prepared and then a plan is prepared. Quality assurance checked is done to ensure that the equipment supplied are as per the standards.

If fabrication is required, as in the case of a modular kitchen, the same is planned and prepared at the offsite location. An entire plan for the fabrication process, including manpower, tools, and timeline is drafted and executed for the fabricated parts.

Once the aforementioned steps are completed, delivery of the products are done to the client location. Installation of all the fabricated parts are completed on the site with the help of our skilled workforce.