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In a restaurant / Industrial Kitchen Equipment or in the food business, the first thing you might dream of is a clean Industrial kitchen with a perfect professional outlook. Is it only food items and tastes matter here? It is actually a good kitchen that makes all the difference in the food services and dining facilities. Our love for food is connected to the Industrial kitchen and its ambiance.

It is a qualitative range of kitchen equipment that makes your kitchen competent and attractive. Are you in search of complete commercial kitchen design and supply solutions? You are welcome to Creative Kitchen, the established kitchen equipment supplier in Qatar.

  • To develop solutions that fit with the expectations and cover all the commercial kitchen equipment needs and services.
  • To offer innovative solutions that follow the latest standards of the industry.
  • To be the most trusted source for commercial kitchen equipment around the globe.

Creative Kitchen believes that the perfection of the food services lies in the quality and aesthetics of the kitchen equipment. Our vision is to meet all the requirements of the customers and help them to achieve their goals.

If you are in Creative Kitchen, you can rest assured that you are in the safe hands. Creative kitchen believes in the face to face consultation to understand the requirements of the customers. our services begin from the initial design of the kitchen space. No matter you’re setting up a new café or upgrading your established restaurant, we combine functionality and aesthetics in our kitchen designs so that your kitchen looks great and up-to-date.

Our integrated solutions covers the selection of the equipment, supply, installation, maintenance, remodeling of kitchen, all that is required to make your kitchen highly professional. Best ideas give the best solutions. Only the best group can offer that and that’s why you should come to Creative Kitchen and be creative.

A Name for Excellency and Reliability

Creative Kitchen is one of the leading Industrial kitchen equipment suppliers in Qatar. We offer end-to-end kitchen solutions to the commercial catering industry and bring your vision of an ideal kitchen to life.

Being the premier supplier of high-quality commercial kitchen equipment in Qatar, Creative kitchen caters to all kinds of restaurants, hotels, residences, food shops, bars, and so many catering outlets. We offer a wide range of products and services to the varied demands and requirements of our clients. Our team of skilled professionals has complete experience and knowledge, gained from many years of working in the commercial catering industry.

Good Business is Good service

Creative Kitchen is engaged in four businesses under the creative display group. They are:

  • Supermarket equipment and refrigeration
  • Commercial kitchen equipment / Industrial Kitchen Equipment
  • Retail interior designs and fit-outs, shop fittings, and in sync store fixtures
  • Warehouse storage solutions

In all these four business verticals, we offer a complete 360-degree approach. The services we offer for the development of a commercial professional kitchen includes:

  • Site audit
  • Measurements
  • Design proposals
  • Ready stock for all items ensuring a very quick completion
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Servicing, repair and maintenance services for refrigeration and kitchen equipment

In order to deliver state-of-the-art services, we have dedicated professional managers for each category and all services are by in-house personal including interior designers and technicians.

Extensive Reach

Recognized today as the most reliable commercial kitchen equipment supplier, we have a pervasive presence in UAE and Qatar. The three popular locations in UAE are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and in Qatar, 2 locations in Doha- Najma and Salwa road.

Among the numerous alternatives of kitchen equipment companies in Qatar, Creative kitchen has made a name in the industry by supplying sophisticated pieces of kitchen equipment Qatar, management expertise and prompt delivery. The Qatar showrooms Najma and Salwa road have the logistics of 30,000 Sq. Ft with 2000 items in ready stock so that our clients can have a creative kitchen anytime they want.

What makes us Unique?

We provide supreme quality kitchen equipment and supplies from the top-rated manufacturers and thereby offer perfect product solution for your Industrial kitchen

Our product consultants help you with the latest product trends in the industry and advanced equipment at the best prices.

Everything that you purchase from Creative Kitchen renders optimal performance. At Creative Kitchen, you will come across appliances that guarantee exceeding performance and durability.

The consultant team of Creative Kitchen is highly experienced and knows the demands of the commercial catering business. We ensure that your kitchen can stand up to anything.

The comprehensive range of services by Creative Kitchen includes all sorts of installation services as well as the after-sale maintenance support. We ensure that our clients are getting the perfect kitchen that suits their needs and budget.