Professional Cooking Made Hassle-Free With These Roller Grill New-age Equipment

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Running a commercial kitchen is one thing, but furnishing and equipping your kitchen with appropriate appliances has its own challenges. The management personnel may find it quizzical to select equipment from so many different options!

The key here is to focus on what your restaurant kitchen needs, not the trending or latest appliances in the market. Everything that is latest will not necessarily optimize the productivity or efficiency of your restaurant.

In this article, we will discuss the cooking trends that have evolved over the years and how they took commercial cooking by storm. We have come a long way from earthen pots and wooden stoves to inductions and non-stick cookware. 

The brand Roller Grill is one of the best choices for stainless steel, cutting-edge equipment. We will also see some of their best appliances and why you should have them in your commercial kitchen. If you are from Doha Qatar, we at Creative Display are an authorized dealer for the Roller Grill brand, and we can supply any of their equipment you want! So without further ado, let us jump right into it!

Evolution Of Cooking Methods Over The Years

In the early years of civilization, cooking food before one eats it wasn’t known! Somehow, over a period of time, people realized that cooked meat or vegetables taste better and are easier to digest, and thus began several centuries of different cooking methods and appliances used!

People went from grilling their meat on the fire and eating it using leaves for plating to making earthen pots and plates for the same purpose. It seemed much more effective and easy.

With the discovery of metals and their uses, there was another gigantic shift in cooking trends using metals for making pots, pans, spoons, and ladles for further simplifying the process of cooking as well as eating.

Not only that, we went from randomly lighting fires to cook our meats and vegetables to containing wooden stoves and gas stoves, and now we use induction! 

Current Cooking Trends And Innovations 

Commercial cooking or any cooking is so much easier and more efficient! Brands like Roller Grill seem to have their fair share of credit in this development. They have not only cooking appliances but also hygiene equipment to help keep commercial kitchens clean and germ-free.

Coming to the latest and current trends in cooking methods, where do we even start? The traditional frying method has been replaced by air fryers, induction fryers, etc. Stovetops are replaced by inductions; conventional ovens are replaced by electric microwaves and convection grills, and so on.

Barbeque can also be done without going out in the open and lighting up a grill; it can be done indoors quickly with the help of electric grills. Along with these significant changes, the shape and structure of our utensils, like pots, pans, and plates, have also been upgraded.

So, these are the latest appliances used in almost every large-scale commercial kitchen! Now, we move on to certain kitchen equipment must-haves. In order to purchase any equipment from Roller Grill in Doha Qatar, get in touch with us through our website, and we’ll take care of the rest! 

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Must-haves

The above-stated trends may be done with a purpose, but kitchen equipment also needs to be sustainable, easily maintainable, and overall less bothersome. Considering all these factors, here are some of the professional kitchen items that one must have!

You can get all those Roller Grill appliances through us all over Qatar. An optimized commercial kitchen is just one call away!

Electric fryers, large induction stovetops with more than four stoves, refrigeration equipment for water and cold drinks, a refrigeration system for storing cooking ingredients like sauces and batters, meats, fish, and so much more! One also needs chimneys for proper ventilation in a restaurant kitchen. Now we’ll get to the list of Roller Grill cooking equipment with all their top features! 

List Of The Finest Commercial Kitchen Equipment From Roller Grill

Salamander SEM 600 Q Roller Grill Made in France:

For grilling purposes, often commercial ovens are used. But with Salamander SEM 600, one can achieve that perfect grilled color, crisp, and still use significantly less time!

Fryer RF 25 DS Roller Grill Made in France:

Fryer RF 25 DS is made to facilitate frying in order to lessen any burns or injuries and quickly but thoroughly fry the food.

Cooling display RD 600 F White Roller Grill Made in France:

Cooling displays are used for storing pastries, cakes, and other goods so that customers can select what they want from all the options. RD 600 F is an efficient model which saves energy and works optimally. 

Rotisserie RBE 120 Roller Grill Made in France:

RBE 120 is one of our electric rotisseries, which can roast six chickens at a time. It has a vertical design in order to save space and uses six infra-red quartz ramps. 


Pizza ovens by Roller Grill are equipped with the technology of dual temperature control and have a compact infra-red design. They have a radiation range of 1050 °C and can bake two fresh pizzas within three minutes! 

Wok Induction Cooker PIW30 Roller Grill Made in France:

Wok induction is one of the indeed newest trends, and the model PIW 30 from Roller Grill is the finest. It has a curved, high-resistance glass ceramic surface on an induction box of 3 kW. 

Induction Plate PID30 Roller Grill Made in France:

Inductions are a necessity for swiftly processing all the orders in the kitchen using minimum time. They also reduce the chance of accidents since a gas cylinder is not involved. 

Gyros-grill GR 80 G Roller Grill Made in France:

The GR 80 G is a vertical gas grill with a capacity of grilling up to 40 Kg of meat at a time! It is equipped with an 800-meter high spit. A set of barbecue skewers, kebab knives, and stainless steel side reflectors is also included with this product. 

These are the best Roller Grill cooking appliances and equipment that you can check out! 

Why Should One Prefer New-age Equipment Over Traditional Equipment?

Let us be clear on one thing right from the start, thinking that every latest trend in cooking equipment is a necessity is a blunder. Such appliances require a tremendous capital investment, so they should last more than just a few years.

But, traditional cooking methods and equipment went out of the market for a reason. They are certainly less efficient, consume more energy, and overall reduce the productivity level of the restaurant.

These are some of the common reasons why most restaurants invest in the latest equipment and why you should do so too. We at Roller Grill are always here to facilitate the selection of equipment for your kitchen!


All of these latest appliances have indeed made professional cooking super easy, swift, and hassle-free. If you are a commercial kitchen owner from Doha, Qatar, you’re in luck! Creative Display is the authorized dealer for the brand Roller Grill in Doha Qatar.

For purchasing any appliances from Roller Grill listed above, check out our store/website at Creative Display. Apart from the equipment listed above, Roller Grill also has a vast professional range from cooking equipment, refrigeration equipment as well as hygiene equipment! Check out their entire range for running a classic and modern restaurant kitchen with minimum inconvenience.