Meat Display Chiller

Gas refrigeration: R 404 a.
Power: 220 v / 50 Hz /1200 w.
Light power: 36 w
Total power:
0.35 kw.
Dim: 250 x 119 x 88 cm
Model: M PLUS 250


Meat Display chiller

cabinet for showcasing your meat selection in the most attractive and effective way possible, We’ll guarantee the freshest results with this equipment. We offer a selection of meat display counters with clean lines, ample capacity and fundamental features that allow you to store and display frozen products with maximum effect. Creative Display, a leader in commercial refrigeration In Qatar & Middle East Region , specialized in wholesaling leading brands from all over the world and striving to lead the market in innovation and customer service.
Curve glass in front
Temp: 0 ~ 10 °c
Gas refrigeration: R 404 a
Power: 220 v / 50 Hz /1200 w
Light power: 36 w
Total power: 0.35 kw
Dim: 250 x 119 x 88 cm
Model: M PLUS 250


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