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Ice Cube Machine 20kg

commercial ice machine is the perfect solution for delivering a reliable source of up to 20kg of bullet-shaped ice a day.

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Ice Cube Machine

  • Model  IMECP20A
  • Brand Brice
  • Made In Italy
  • Production per 24 hours 20 kg
  • Design Features
  • Body manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel, Scotch Brite
  • The unit requires installation, water connection and a waste drainage
  • point Refrigerant R404A
  • Water pressure min. 1 bar (14psi) / Max. 6 bar (84psi)
  • Self Contained Ice Machine
  • Power & Volts  0.35kW, 230V, Single Phase
  • Storage Bin Capacity 6 kg
  • Cube Bell Shape  22 gr
  • Code IMB/ECP27A
  • Dimension 375 x 487 x 660 mm


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