Commercial Kitchen Planning & Design in Qatar

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Creative Kitchen is a leading commercial kitchen equipment entity, based in Qatar and UAE, since 2007. We supply quality Commercial kitchen equipment and bakery equipment to a range of commercial and residential entities across the country.

Get the Best for your Kitchen

Our team of professional consultants are committed to providing cost-effective and quality solutions to all your kitchen needs.

Our Commercial Kitchen Services

Creative Kitchen is specialised kitchen equipment supplier in Qatar. Our services cover your needs from start to finish, and can serve as a trusted advisor to your new or established kitchen fitout.

  • Wide range stock of quality kitchen equipment
  • Equipment installation and services
  • Emergency repair and maintenance

Our Clients

Creative Kitchen is a cutting-edge solutions provider; we carry stock suited for all your commercial catering establishment needs. We have gained valuable experience working with entities large and small, and have consistently proven to ensure your kitchen is up and running at its prime ability.

New Build Kitchen

New build Commercial kitchen

Kitchens must function effectively and efficiently from the onset. Determining spatial requirements requires much planning and coordination, to ensure staff are working at their best capacity. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and realize their visions.

Remodel Kitchen

Renovation commercial kitchen

We provide remodeling services to upgrade your establishment to its prime. We work within your budget and scheduling requirements to develop customized solutions. As a result, we can guarantee high quality results through improved planning, layout and equipment.

Consultation Service

Consulting commercial kitchen

Unsure where to begin as you set out on your commercial kitchen journey? Tap onto our expertise as we develop a comprehensive plan by working closely to suit your needs. We provide flexible consultation service offerings based on your exact requirements.

  • Project Kickoff
  • Concept & Design
  • Equipment Supply

We begin our projects by understanding your specific needs through qualitative and quantitative approaches. We develop initial floorplans and generate project timelines and sourcing lists to maintain a systematic approach right from the onset.

During the Design phase, we refine the concept further and offer solutions and guidance regarding equipment. Material selections and colour combinations are carefully selected to ensure well-conceived solutions and layouts for the staff.

A list of equipment required for the kitchen supply is prepared and then a plan is prepared. Quality assurance checked is done to ensure that the equipment supplied is as per the standards.